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Updated: October 11, 2016


GIGANTIC thanks to Sherry, who emailed me this morning with the news that JM's books are now available for pre-order on Kindle (*squeal*), with a stated release date of November 1st! I checked, and Barnes & Noble is reflecting the same release date information for Nook.

My day just exploded with sparkles of happiness. If I were a fairy, glitter would be shooting from my wings right now.

The books also feature new covers. (See below!) What do you think of them? I have my opinion, but would love to hear yours! Drop me a line and let me know!

Click the link below to pre-order your Kindle copies and to check out the new covers!





Any Author or Book Suggestions??? Please share!

Have you read any books that compare to JM's? Found a great new author you think other JM readers might like? LET ME KNOW! I would love your feedback on any books you think other JM fans should know about!

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Want a Coveted Spot in the Acknowledgments of JM's Next Book?

In a recent Facebook post, Judith confided that she was still undecided on a title for her next book, and she is asking her fans for suggestions!

On October 30th, JM said:

"I've never loved the working title of "CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU". Would love to hear your title ideas. Title suggestions anyone? No more than three or four words. If I choose your title, I will mention it in the acknowledgments."

So! If you have a title idea that you think would be perfect, be sure to reply to her post with your suggestion, and you could earn an acknowledgment from the goddess herself! ;)

Simply click the link below and respond to her post asking for suggestions. And be sure to let me know if your title is chosen! <3



JM Announces Westmoreland Trilogy:

It's official! Judith announced on Facebook that she is working on "the Westmoreland Trilogy, featuring the modern-day American descendants of the Westmoreland Dynasty!"

*THUD* (Was me, fainting.)

The first book in the trilogy is as of yet untitled. JM says she has changed the title "at least five times", and has changed the heroine's name--twice. Presumably, then, Holly Braxton is no longer the heroine of the upcoming book.

Here is what JM had to say about the trilogy and the delay of the new book in a post on Amazon.com:


"Judith McNaught is working very hard on the first of a three-book contemporary series centered on the fabulous Westmoreland men in current day America. The reason for the long delay is that her mother became critically ill and she put her writing aside to care for her mother during the year before her death. Sorrow, combined with the seemingly endless details of handling her mother's estate, made it impossible for her to concentrate on writing for nearly another year. Finally, she went back to work and was more than half finished with the first book in the series--when she realized it should be the second book in the series. Which meant she had to start all over with book one! On the plus side, book two will be released much sooner than usual because it's already half written. By the way, she's changed her mind about using the title, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, because she doesn't like it very much anymore.

I know all that I've written here is the absolute truth. You can take my word on it. Because I am Judith McNaught. LOL"


Judith McNaught Is Now on Facebook!

At last! I am excited to report that Judith McNaught is now on Facebook!

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